Joma Bakery


Joma is a little slice of North American cafe culture transplanted into Southeast Asia, driven by our goal to benefit every person who steps through our doors as well as the people and communities that lay outside them. We love to bring you delicious food and a killer cup of coffee, but that’s not all that drives us to get out of bed in the morning (although the coffee does make our mornings run much more smoothly). At Joma we are all about three things:


Joma Bakery
Joma Bakery

We use the best ingredients in our food, whether it’s sourced abroad (like our New Zealand butter) or locally (like our fresh passionfruit juice) or prepared specially in house (like our gourmet ice cream). As for our coffee, it’s organic, fair trade, and grown in southern Laos by a community cooperative of farmers. The green beans are shipped directly to each Joma city, where it is roasted to perfection by local roastmasters.


Our aim with every customer is to improve their day in any way big or small, whether you’re an expat who hasn’t tasted a reuben sandwich in years or you’re a backpacker looking for a communal space to meet fellow travellers. Additionally, our staff go through a thorough training process to provide a consistently high standard of service that is friendly and attentive.


Joma Bakery
Joma Bakery

This is what really sets Joma apart. With our 2% For People and Planet plan, Joma gives 2% of every sale (that’s before profits!) to charitable organizations in the communities around our cafes. We work with several NGO’s, including Hagar International, to provide job training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged persons and victims of human rights abuse.

Joma Bakery does some of the best freshly made sandwiches in town, and proves to be a popular spot for locals and expats craving that morning cup of coffee alongside a freshly prepared snack – all with free Wi-Fi of course.

Cafés serving up tasty, reasonably priced food and quality coffee are certainly not unique to Vientiane. What sets aside Joma from the rest, however, is its conscious and genuine effort to use sustainable ingredients and support the local environment. They use fair-trade organic coffee beans that are locally sourced whilst also providing employment opportunities to disadvantaged people and victims of human rights. If that’s not enough to appease even the greenest of planet lovers, Joma Bakery donates 2% of every sale (before profit) to local charities.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 19:30
  • Location: On Th. Setthathilath, near Nam Pu Fountain
  • Tel: +856-21-215-265